Call For Talks

Call For Talks

Call for talks has now closed. Registration details will be available shortly.

R/Pharma 2020, the conference on all things R (some python, Julia and Stan too) in Pharma, will take place October 13th-15th 2020, preceded by Training Days the week prior.

This year we are particularly interested in talks from people who can’t usually make it in person to Harvard University, or are newer to conference speaking. R/Pharma committee members are offering free speaker coaching: as long as you have an interesting R in pharma idea and are willing to put in some work, we’ll help you develop a great talk. Talks are short (5-10 minutes) high energy presentations that give you the chance to talk about an interesting project that you’ve tackled with R in pharma. Short talks, or demos of your R code, R packages, and shiny apps are great options.

We are particularly interested in submissions that have one or more of these qualities:

  • Showcase the use of R in clinical trials
  • Your favourite R package and how it significantly eases an entire class of problems for a pharm use-case
  • Expand the use of R in pharma to reach new domains and audiences
  • Combine R with other world class tools, like python, tensorflow, and spark etc.
  • Reporting/Communication using RMarkdown, Shiny, ggplot2, or something else altogether
  • Discuss how to teach R/data science effectively in pharma
  • Talks on administering R in pharma and tackling scaling, packages, cloud, HPC etc.

Applications close August 31st, and you’ll be notified of our decision on Sept 7th.

To apply, please click on the button at the end of this post and submit your title and abstract to introduce you and your proposed topic. If you prefer, you can email your submission to

There are 5-10 minute long talks that are scheduled alongside talks by invited speakers. We are looking for interesting topics and engaging speakers on the entire drug development process, medical devices and other pharma related topics.


By participating in R/Pharma 2020, you consent to audio and video recording by any means and form of your workshop, presentation, lecture or demonstration as a speaker or as an attendee. This can include the use of your name, photograph and biographical information in connection with reproduction and dissemination of the presentation. Presenters are solely accountable for the content within their presentation and are expected to comply with R/Pharma Terms and conditions.