Introducing Our 2020 Keynote Speakers

Introducing Our 2020 Keynote Speakers

The annual R/Pharma gathering attracts professionals from industry, academia and regulatory alike to come together to share and discuss the use of R in pharma, including progress, findings and achievements across various areas of interest such as machine learning, reproducible research, regulatory compliance and validation, safety monitoring, clinical trials, drug discovery, research & development, PK/PD/pharmacometrics, genomics, diagnostics, immunogenicity and more.

R/Pharma invites keynote speakers to impart their knowledge and experience in topics of primary relevance to the pharma ecosystem. This year we are very fortunate to welcome three leading experts from the FDA, Novartis and RStudio! In presenting their perspectives in the use of machine learning, data visualizations and analytics for drug and biologics reviews, they will undoubtedly spark engagement, idea sharing and discovery.

Here, with just 4 weeks ahead of R/Pharma 2020, we take time to introduce our eminent guest speakers.

Matilde Kam

Associate Director for Analytics and Informatics, Office of Biostatistics, FDA

Douglas Robinson

Global Head Scientific Computing and Consulting, Novartis

Julia Silge

Data Scientist and Software Engineer, RStudio

More detailed biographies can be found here.

We thank them in advance for their invaluable contributions and for enhancing our R/Pharma attendee experience. Our attendees certainly have lots to look forward to in mid-October.

Please note: Registration will be open soon for the conference.