R/Pharma 2021 discussion panels

R/Pharma is excited to announce three discussion panels to be held at the end of each conference day. These panels will not be recorded - come to R/Pharma to hear the following:


November 2nd, 13:50 ET

  • James Black (Roche, Moderator)
  • Bill Ellis (Novartis) Is a senior leader at Novartis, developing the next generation of SCEs for GxP use.
  • Ellis Hughes (GSK) Ellis maintains valtools, an R package that helps to layer validation relevant documentation on top of R packages. Ellis is a known opinion leader on validation at R/Pharma (2019 talk) and (2020 talk).
  • Juliane Manitz (EMD Serono) Juliane is on the R Validation Hub team and has spoken at R/Pharma on the Merck KGaA/EMD Serano approach to validation and robust installation of package cohorts.
  • Andy Nicholls (Glaxosmithkline) Andy is on the R Validation Hub team, a former lead for Mango’s ValidR, and a respected contributor to the discussion around ‘what is validation’ including co-authoring a whitepaper.
  • Coline Zeballos (Roche) Coline leads the R Strategy in Roche Pharma Informatics, and has worked closely with people across Roche Quality, Data Science and Informatics to develop a validation approach that scales from internal packages to CRAN. Coline is speaking on this topic at R/Pharma 2021.
  • Yilong Zhang (Merck) Is active on valtools, and the R Validation Hub. He also co-authored a paper on the validation for internal packages at Merck.

Training and Leadership

November 3rd, 13:50 ET

  • Paulo Bargo (Janssen, Moderator)
  • Ann Liu-Ferrara (BD)
  • Susan McClatchy (Jackson Lab)
  • Mike Smith (Pfizer)
  • Gabriella Rustici (AstraZeneca)

Scaling Shiny

November 4th, 13:50 ET

  • Eric Nantz (Eli Lilly, Moderator)
  • Winston Chang (RStudio)
  • David Edwards (Amgen)
  • David Granjon (Novartis)
  • Kamil Wais (7N Consulting - RWD Insights Engineering Lead @ Roche)
  • Hanni Willenbrock (Novo Nordisk)

Remember, the panels will not be recorded. The only way you get to hear these amazing discussions is to register for R/Pharma and come to the panel discussions.

We’ll be running a Q&A during the conference, but if you have a burning question you’d like to share before the panel takes place, please use the links below to send an email to the moderator Validation, Training or Scaling Shiny and we’ll pass them on the panel moderators.