Some entertainment between talks

At R/Pharma we know it’s important to take regular breaks during a virtual event. We try to make these breaks fun and are excited to introduce you to three friends of R/Pharma who will be providing some entertainment this year.

Rafael De Andrade Moral

Rafael De Andrade Moral is a lecturer in Statistics at Maynooth University. He holds a BSc in Biology and a PhD in Statistics from University of São Paulo, Brazil. He really enjoys teaching and doing research related to the development of statistical modelling techniques applied to Ecology, Wildlife Management, Agriculture and Environmental Science. He is also interested in the computational implementation of statistical models, especially in R. He has recently founded the Theoretical and Statistical Ecology Group ( and since 2020 has been producing musical parodies to teach Statistics ( In his spare time he enjoys playing guitar and writing music, as well as performing magic tricks. Last, but not least, he loves German Shepherd dogs!

Lodge McCammon

Lodge McCammon is a humorist, instructional designer, author, musician, and international education consultant. He works with school districts, universities, nonprofits, and businesses (e.g., Discovery Education, Microsoft, SAS, The Coca-Cola Company). He has given his unique keynote speeches at events like the Midwest Education Technology Conference, the University of the West Indies Open Lecture, and Amazon’s Series on Remote Learning. Lodge also creates custom content for meetings and events like the R/Pharma Conference. Learn more at

Mike Smith

Mike K. Smith is the lead of the R Centre of Excellence at Pfizer. He trained as a statistician, and after a period working in the Pharmacometrics modelling and simulation group he returned back to the Statistics organisation. He describes himself as a professional geek at work, and this label works equally well for his musical output. Mike likes to use randomness and probability in making music, which can be labelled as generative ambient music. You can think of it as soundtracks and textures for films and pictures that don’t exist. He makes music as MikeKSmith and his released music can be found on Bandcamp at with “work in progress” on SoundCloud at