R/Pharma 2022 discussion panels

R/Pharma 2021 experimented with panel discussions at the end of each conference day and we are delighted to announce that we’ll be bringing them back for R/Pharma 2022.

The panels will not be recorded. The only way you can hear the amazing discussions is to attend R/Pharma 2022.

Building an Open Source Community

November 8th 2022, 13:20 ET

  • Rachel Dempsey (RStudio, Moderator)
  • Paulo Bargo (Janssen)
  • Melody Brown (LA DPH)
  • Guillaume Desachy (AZ)
  • Regis James (Regeneron)
  • Mike Smith (Pfizer)

Governing Business critical Pan-Company Collaborative R Packages

November 9th 2022, 13:40 ET

  • James Black (Roche, Moderator)
  • Keaven Anderson (Merck)
  • Michael Rimler (GSK)
  • Daniel Sabanes-Bove (Roche)
  • Mike Stackhouse (Atorus)

Finding A Way: Career Stories from 4 Senior Level Women in Data Science

November 10th 2022, 13:40 ET

  • Michelle Johnson (Metrum Research Group, Moderator)
  • Ning Leng (Genentech)
  • Neetu Sangari (Pfizer)
  • Julia Silge (Rstudio)
  • Alice Walsh (Pathos)