R/Pharma 2023 On-Demand Talks and Expo

We are excited to announce R/Pharma on-demand talks and the Expo.

On-Demand Content

For R/Pharma 2023 we are trying something new! This year we will be Premiering talks on our YouTube channel before and after the standard conference hours. This will give attendees a chance to engage with content beyond the standard conference time of 10AM to 2PM EDT. We hope this great content will provide more options for conference engagement and non-EDT inclusivity. We hope to exlore more with this effort in 2024.

During the Premier attendees can post comments and interact through the chat. The videos will also be available after the talks finish.

If you wish to experience these great talks live, the videos will be Premiered on our YouTube channel at (https://www.youtube.com/c/RinPharma) at the times listed below. Talks are also collected in this playlist.

Tuesday, 24th October

3:00PM EDT. Edoardo Mancini (Roche)
{admiral} – from open source through to company implementation

4:00PM EDT. James Kim (Pfizer)
The role changes in the “Programming” in the pharmaceutical industry

5:00PM EDT. Agustin Calatroni (Rho Inc)
Interactive Data Visualization for Enhanced Clinical Trial Reporting

Wednesday, 25th October

7:00AM EDT. Leonard Daniël Samson (GCP-Service International Ltd.& Co. KG)
Improving monitoring of patients' safety during clinical trials using Quarto. Interactive Reports and a Shiny application within a small to mid-size CRO

8:00AM EDT. Mayank Agrawal (Procogia)
Processes to a Shiny Suite of Applications for Reproducibility, Reporting, and Scalability

9:00AM EDT. Iakov Davydov (Roche)
Designit: a flexible engine to generate experiment layouts

3:00PM EDT. Martin Frigaard (Atorus)
What Do You Mean Test Coverage?! Efficient Testing for Shiny Apps

4:00PM EDT. Spencer Childress (Gilead Sciences)
{safetyGraphics} Evolution: Community-driven Development of Innovative New Tools

Thursday, 26th October

8:00AM EDT. Kieran Martin (Roche)
Making Data Science Work for Clinical Reporting: a new Coursera course!

3:00PM EDT. Michael Rimler (PHUSE)
The State of Open Source Technology in Clinical Data Analysis, Reporting, and Submissions

4:00PM EDT. Ben Wang (Merck & Co.)
boxly-An R package to generate interactive box plots

R/Pharma Expo

The R/Pharma Expo is a virtual exhibition hall at the R/Pharma conference. This year we will be using the Expo to highlight useful resources for R practitioners just starting out in this space or those who are more experienced. Check out the Expo at the conference to learn about {admiral}, Posit cloud, R Consortium working groups and more!