In-Person and Virtual Events for 2024

There is much excitement for R/Pharma 2024! Please find below the plan for our in-person Summit and Virtual gathering!

Based on the 2023 conference feedback, it is clear people like having a mix of in-person and virtual events. Our 2024 plan is to repeat the in-person Summit at posit::conf(2024) and follow it with our virtual gathering, as detailed below! The in-person R/Pharma program at posit::conf(2024) will focus on the future of drug development using open source. The collaboration will include two activities specific to the pharmaceutical industry: (1) the “R/Pharma Roundtable Summit” for program leaders and people leading Open Source initiatives, and (2) the “Flavors of the Pharmaverse” workshop for data professionals.

In-Person Summit

R/Pharma is excited to announce that we are partnering again with Posit PBC to host our in-person program at posit::conf(2024), happening at the Hyatt Regency Seattle. The Summit will be on Sunday Aug 11th 2024. The Summit can be booked via the posit::conf(2024) registration page below:

The Summit can be booked independently of posit::conf(2024), or bundled with a posit::conf(2024) ticket, workshop or both.

The R/Pharma Summit will focus on the future of drug development using open source. During the Summit, facilitators will foster in-person discussions and conversations about key items (reproducibility, submissions, scalability, etc.) with industry leaders about open-source tools for next-generation submissions. The day will start with a pharma workshop and then transition to interactive talks and discussions around open source drug development topics relevant to participating attendees. You can find a sample agenda for the R/Pharma Roundtable Summit here:

We already have a great lineup of speakers and facilitators confirmed for the R/Pharma Roundtable Summit, including:

James Black, R/Pharma executive (Roche)
Katie Igartua (Tempus)
Shannon Pileggi, Lead Data Scientist (The Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium)
Phil Bowsher, R/Pharma executive (Posit)
Sumesh Kalappurakal (JnJ)
Paulo Bargo, R/Pharma Executive (Novartis)
Michael Blanks, R/Pharma Executive (Beigene)
Matthias Trampisch, (Boehringer Ingelheim)
Daniel Sjoberg (Genentech)
Pameljit Kalra (ZS)
Becca Krouse (GSK)
Cassie Milmont (Amgen)

In-Person Workshop

In addition to the Summit, there will be a R/Pharma in-person workshop at posit::conf(2024) called Flavors of the Pharmaverse. The workshop will the day after the Summit on Monday Aug 12th 2024. The workshop can also be booked via the conference registration site here:

The workshop can be booked independently of posit::conf(2024), or bundled with a posit::conf(2024) ticket, Summit or both.

Over the past 4 years, the pharmaverse was created and has blossomed into a booming community of organizations and package developers aimed at supporting R development with focus on the clinical reporting pipeline. Even within a world as standardized as regulatory submissions, organizations still tend to have sometimes vastly different requirements within their own processes.

In this workshop, we’ll give a high level overview of the scope and tools available within the Pharmaverse for the clinical pipeline, including tools for ADaM data set curation, creating Analysis Results Data Sets, and TLGs. To help attendees understand how there are different paradigms and pathways through the pharmaverse, we’ll take a tour through two to three different strategies available to support table, listing, and figure creation. Attendees of this workshop will walk away with an understanding of how the pharmaverse can help their organization and where they can look to learn more about the right tools to support their needs.

Instructors: Daniel Sjoberg (Genentech), Becca Krouse (GSK), Ellis Hughes (GSK), Mike Stackhouse (Atorus)

All R/Pharma program participants are encouraged to stay for the general conference happening September 19 - 20. The general conference will include two days of talks on various topics, high-profile keynotes, and opportunities to network with over 1,000 data professionals. Posit will release the full general conference schedule closer to the date. You can learn more about the conference at

Free R/Pharma Virtual

Our free virtual gathering will be on October 29, 30, & 31st. Workshops will run the week before. Each conference day will conclude with live non-recorded panels. Virtual registration will open later in early Summer. Call for talks will open in early May. This year we will feature 3 days of content covering the use of R and other open source languages in Pharma as well as presentations on the impact of open source in areas such as AI and statistics.

The workshops will run the week before, October 21 - 25. The style and format will be very similar to 2020-2023 etc. We plan to offer free Digital Credentials for people that attend and complete the workshops.

We hope to see you at R/Pharma 2024!