Unleash Shiny


In recent years, R users' understanding of Shiny has greatly increased but so have client expectations. While one of Shiny’s greatest strengths is that it allows producing web applications solely from R code, meeting client’s more delicate expectations will often involve going beyond R code and work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We recognize that R developers tend not to be familiar with the latter as they generally do not have significant background in web development, these may therefore appear daunting at first.This workshop aims to put attendees at ease with inviting those web technologies into their shiny applications so they can exceed client’s expectations. The workshop will comprise three parts.Part 1 hones in on the development of a new template on top of Shiny with the htmltools package. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with the RinteRface team on the shinybulma project (https//github.com/RinteRface/shinybulma).Part 2 delves into bi-directional communication in Shiny how the R server communicates with the front-end and vice versa, how the input/output system works.Part 3 ends the workshop by exposing all the less known functions/methods that are however likely to help you in your Shiny journey!Prerequisites for the workshop- Be proficient with Shiny- Basic knowledge about R6- Be proficient with package development- JavaScript/CSS skills may help but are not mandatory

Presented at 2020 Conference