Would John, Paul, George or Ringo have been famous if it were not for The Beatles


The Beatles rose to music fame in the 1960’s and became a worldwide phenomenon. With millions of screaming fans and selling over 600 million records, they are often cited as one of the most influential rock bands in history. One reason for their fame was their ability to communicate in the middle of songs without using words and without missing a single beat. This led me to consider some of the best collaborations I have been a part of, which are those where the team is in complete alignment and information flows easily from one team member to another. As analysts, it is our job to enhance the ability of teams to communicate with the best tool at our disposal; graphics. Just like Paul and John, our graphics need to communicate without speaking to convey information and help teams make critical decisions about clinical trials. Novartis leverages the potential of R - Shiny to develop interactive tools that engage users to explore their clinical trial data with ease. Although several programs have been impacted with this technology, the goal of reaching the entire drug development portfolio is still a work in progress. This talk will describe our experiences with R - Shiny with some examples. Finally, it should be stressed that creating effective Shiny Apps requires thought, as well as adherence to strong graphical principles. In this vein, we will provide and describe our Graphical Principles Cheat Sheet(TM) that covers many aspects and considerations one should follow when devising either static or dynamic graphics.

Presented at 2020 Conference