Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny


In recent years, R users' understanding of Shiny has greatly increased but so have client expectations. While one of Shiny’s greatest strengths is that it allows producing web applications solely from R code, meeting client’s more delicate expectations will often involve going beyond R code and work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We recognize that R developers tend not to be familiar with the latter as they generally do not have significant background in web development, these may therefore appear daunting at first. In this talk, I’ll present my journey toward the creation of the RinteRface organization, powering many Shiny extensions like bs4Dash or shinyMobile as well as the work in progress “Outstanding user interfaces with Shiny” book (https//divadnojnarg.github.io/outstanding-shiny-ui/), exposing some keys to design amazing user experiences.

Presented at 2021 Conference