Automatic generation of PowerPoint presentation for communication of clinical trial results


In the final stage of a clinical study, a number of tables and figures are prepared, typically using SAS, for reporting the results of the study in a clinical study report. Before the clinical study report is finalized a thorough interpretation of the results are needed and results are discussed with stakeholders and management. To facilitate this, a PowerPoint presentation is prepared containing tables and figures with study results. A modest approach is to manually copy-paste the tables and figures from the clinical study report into the slides. However, due to the manual work, this approach is both time consuming and prone to errors. Rmarkdown offers the possibility to render PowerPoint presentations and can thus be used as an alternative approach to automatic generate slide decks for communication of clinical study results, and we have been working with this idea at Novo Nordisk. The idea is to use the data that underlie tables and figures prepared for the clinical study report, and with a minor programming effort create outputs that are embedded into a PowerPoint presentation. We will discuss possibilities with this automatic approach and discuss issues encountered when implementing the approach when preparing for communication of a clinical study.

Presented at 2021 Conference