MeRGE: An ecosystem of open-source R packages for Pharmacometrics from MetrumRG


Metrum Research Group (MetrumRG) has developed a suite of open-source R packages for pharmacometric analyses that can be used independently, or seamlessly integrated into a larger R-based ecosystem. To showcase this ecosystem, we used the popular Quarto framework to create a publicly available website with 20+ articles demonstrating how our ecosystem can be used to streamline a wide range of tasks typically required in a population pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis. The site is accompanied by a public Github repository containing example code for each task covered in the articles. This talk will give an overview of the ecosystem and articles, with a focus on traceability and reproducibility. We will also touch on our methods for doing open-source development in a validated environment, to facilitate analyses suitable for regulatory submission.

Presented at 2022 Conference