Accelerate Personalized Health Care by Empowering Biomarker Data


In Pharmaceutical industry, personalized patient care is about having access to traditional and new data sources including comprehensive diagnostic data, sensor data, real-world data, etc., applying traditional and advanced analytics like machine learning to create meaningful insights, and then realizing value from those insights for smarter and more efficient research and development (R&D) and improving patient access and personalized patient care. Biomarker research is a key component of the PHC Strategy, complementing efforts to access high-dimensional genomics data and conducting appropriated analysis using right tools differentiate from those for current well-established clinical trials. This paper, in perspective of R&D, describes the close collaboration between China Oncology Biomarker Data group (OBD China) and Product Development Biometrics (PDB) expertise, from sample collection, lab process in biomarker stand-alone studies to meaningful results mainly conducted in R, which enables to prioritize molecule development, inform the design of specific trials and identify R&D opportunities for regional diseases.

Presented at 2018 Conference