The use of R for improved reproducibility of biomarker detection in liquid biopsies


Research reproducibility has been heatedly discussed in recent years. Some authors have pointed out that a large portion of published research findings is incorrect and/or irreproducible. Some state that the medical literature is as reliable as expected. Despite the true state of the research literature, we can agree that reproducibility is of greatest importance to biomarker detection, including in the context of drug discovery and development. Research reproducibility may become a challenge in the current research community, because of the interdisciplinary nature of modern studies and latent gaps between the advancement of technology and the ability to analyze the resulting data. In this presentation, we will describe the reproducibility challenges of biomarker detection in liquid biopsies, which hold prevalent promises in disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Our study shows that proper development and use of R packages can give a significant contribution to reproducible, high-quality, and cutting-edge research in nucleic acid biomarker detection, such as detection of novel circulating microRNA biomarkers.

Presented at 2019 Conference