How CI/CD Enhances the Development of R packages in the Pharmaverse

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are playing a pivotal role in ensuring that R projects in Pharma meet the highest quality standards. Particular focus is placed on ensuring that packages are fit for purpose both on internal …

Why do I spend all my life formatting tables?!

Tables no longer just live in flat PDFs and reports, but should be able to go from apps to PDFs and Word documents with ease. To have the flexibility to do this we need to separate the analysis from the formatting. Additionally, in the pharmaceutical …

Closing the Gap: Creating an End to End R Package Toolkit for the Clinical Reporting Pipeline

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R Consortium Pharma Working Groups Overview and Updates

In this talk, we would like to provide updates on the four biopharmaceutical industry focused R consortium cross-industry working groups. These working groups have a similar overall objective to support the use of R within the biopharmaceutical …

Introducing {admiral}—The ADaM in R Asset Library

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