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A Pivotal Year of R Pilots for Shiny Application Submissions to the FDA / Celebrating a Milestone: R Tables for Regulatory Submission Working Group s eBook on Clinical Data Table Generation

Within the life sciences industry, Shiny has enabled tremendous innovations to produce web interfaces as frontends to sophisticated analyses, dynamic visualizations, and automation of clinical reporting across drug development. While industry …

Enhance Your Everyday Work with LLMs in RStudio

Getting started with torch in R

torch is an R port of PyTorch, a scientific computing library that enables fast and easy creation and training of deep learning models. In this talk, you will learn about the latest features and developments in torch, such as luz, a higher level …

Serverless Shiny in Quarto Documents

Improvements made to {gt} in 2023

Using pointblank Package to Ensure Maximal Data Quality: Pfizer Case Study