Three new things in tidymodels

Recently there have been a lot of new developments for modeling in the tidyverse. This talk will show off tools for censored regression, an interface to clustering, and how to use the platform for optimizing/fitting models

Survival analysis with tidymodels: The censored package

Tidymodels has begun to create tools for modeling event time data. This will include methods for fitting, resampling, and characterizing models with censored outcomes. This talk will describe our design goals, show some syntax for modeling, and …

The gt Package: Past, Present, and Future

The gt package is table preparation package for R which makes the presentation of tabular data fairly easy and also has power to customize tables should you need it. The package has been in continuous development at RStudio for over three years and …

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Clinical Tables in gt

RStudio Pharma Updates

RStudio will share a number of exciting product updates specifically built for pharmaceutical companies

Data visualization for real-world machine learning

Visual representations of data inform how machine learning practitioners think, understand, and decide. Before charts are ever used for outward communication about a ML system, they are used by the system designers and operators themselves as a tool …

Styling Shiny & R Markdown with bootstraplib & thematic

The pharmaceutical industry has witnessed a growing interest in open source languages such as R and Python as an alternative to SAS for many activities related to clinical research. Hop on board for a whistle-stop tour of our efforts within GSK …

StackEm High! Ensembles Using tidymodels