David Granjon

David Granjon


David holds a PhD from Universit√© Pierre et Marie Curie and Universit√© de Lausanne where he harnessed the power of mathematical models to develop insightful visualizations, thereby addressing questions in the physiological area. During his Post Doc in the Interface Group, David developed an e-learning platform, built on top of rather complex mathematical models, used every year to teach cardiac physiology, renal physiology and ion homeostasis at the University of Zurich and Universit√© de Lausanne. Part of this project, namely the virtual physiology simulator was awarded at the 2019 Shiny contest. He then joined Novartis as a Senior Expert Data Science, where he provides support to develop production Shiny apps for clinical trials, maintains web templates and trains other associates on various topics like the best practices in Shiny app development, version control … On his free time, David contributes to the R Shiny ecosystem through his open source project, namely RinteRface.

RinteRface aims at bringing the most famous open source HTML templates to R, to seamlessly design Shiny apps with professional look and feel: bs4Dash Bootstrap 4 shinydashboard, shinyMobile, 2020 Shiny Contest award, .

He is also collaborating on projects like golem.

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