From playing in the backyard to designing one: Shiny transforms study designs, data analyses and statistical thinking of oncology in vivo group at Janssen


In vivo studies are crucial to the discovery and development of novel drugs and are conducted for proof-of-concept validation, FDA applications and to support clinical trials. Appropriate study design, data analyses and interpretation are essential in providing the knowledge about the drug efficacy and safety within a living organism. With drug discovery science moving forward at an ever-accelerating rate data analyses software are not always capable to offer appropriate toolset for data analyses. In the absence of a proper tool, oncology in vivo scientists at Janssen R&D needed comprehensive analysis platform to conduct appropriate and efficient analyses of in vivo data to insure quality and speed of decision-making. INVIVOLDA shiny application was developed to fulfill the gap. INVIVOLDA offers interactive and animated graphics for data explorations and powerful linear mixed effect modeling framework for longitudinal data analysis. With implemented decision trees and statistical report generation it streamlines statistical analyses of in vivo longitudinal data. INVIVOLDA success lead to more requests for Shiny applications for analyses and design of experiments in oncology in vivo group. Multiple statistical trainings were subsequently conducted to educate biologists on statistical methods implemented in Shiny applications. Once completed, comprehensive framework of Shiny apps will enhance statistical knowledge and thinking, transform the way experiments are designed and analyzed and ensure traceable and reproducible research and efficient decision making in oncology in vivo group at Janssen.

Presented at 2019 Conference