The largest Shiny application in the world. Roche.Diagnostics.bioWARP


bioWARP (biostatistical Web-Applications and R Procedures) is a Shiny application enabling employees at Roche Diagnostics to create validated reports for regulatory authorities submissions. bioWARP enables people using advanced statistical methods, who cannot program R. It builds a connection to the validated R-packages developed at Roche with an easy to use and elegant user interface. Its modular environment can host an unlimited number of such interfaces. bioWARP now consists of tools for reporting reference ranges, equality by linear regression, precision by variance component analysis and homogeneity by inhouse developed equivalence tests . bioWARP’s most important feature is the ability to move all statistical evaluations right into PDF reports. These are validated and can directly be used for submission to regulatory authorities. bioWARP is called the “largest shiny application in the world” by us as it already consists of 16 tools, has over 100.000 lines of code, >500 buttons and interaction items and is growing and growing and growing.

Presented at 2018 Conference