r2rtf - a Lightweight R Package to Produce Tables and Figures in RTF Format


The use of open-source R is evolving in drug discovery, research and development for study design, data analysis, visualization, and report generation in the pharmaceutical industry. The ability to produce tables, listings and figures (TLFs) in customized rich text format (RTF) using R is crucial to enhance the workflow of using Microsoft Word to assemble analysis results. We developed an R package, r2rtf, that standardizes the approach to generate highly customized TLFs in RTF format. The r2rtf package provides flexibility to customize table appearance for table title, subtitle, column header, footnote, and data source. The table size, border type, color, and line width can be adjusted in each cell as well as column width, row height, text format, font size, text color, alignment, etc. The control of the format can be row or column vectorized by leveraging the vectorization in R. Furthermore, r2rtf provides pagination, section grouping, multiple tables concatenations for complicated table layouts. In this paper, we provide an overview r2rtf workflow with examples for both required and optional easy-to-use functions. Code examples are provided to create customized RTF tables and figures with highlighted features. The open-source r2rtf R package is available at https//github.com/Merck/r2rtf.

Presented at 2020 Conference