R Consortium Pharma Working Groups Overview and Updates


In this talk, we would like to provide updates on the four biopharmaceutical industry focused R consortium cross-industry working groups. These working groups have a similar overall objective to support the use of R within the biopharmaceutical industry, with complementary scopes. We would also like to call for volunteers for these three working groups (these working groups are open to everyone). R-based submission pilots to FDA provide example R-submission materials to the public, identify potential gaps in R based submissions - Presenter Ning Leng (Roche). R table for regulatory reporting develop packages and white papers for generating tables in R to fulfill regulatory requirements - Presenter Adrian Waddell (Roche). R certificates R trainings and certification for the SAS->R transition - Presenter Kate Ostbye (SCHARP). R adoption series A series of webinars focusing on adoption of R - Presenter Andy Nicholls (GSK).

Presented at 2021 Conference