Pharmaverse: Breaking boundaries through open source collaboration!


Roche/Genentech, GSK, Atorus and J&J/Janssen have initiated a collaboration called pharmaverse to bring together a curated subset of open-source R packages to enable clinical reporting (from CRF to eSubmission). Where gaps are identified, new collaborative development teams can be formed across companies to build solutions fit for industry adoption. Any individual or organisation would be able to join our community and contribute. Our ultimate aim is to reduce duplication of efforts and gain increased harmonization to the way we work across the industry, so that collectively we can bring medicines to patients faster. This talk would be intended to introduce data scientists across the industry to this concept and the benefits of open source collaborations. We will share what is currently available under the pharmaverse, short demos, along with stories and learnings we’ve had on this journey so far. Example R packages include admiral (a toolkit for ADaM generation), rtables & Tplyr (for TLG creation), teal (for Shiny apps), and much more.

Presented at 2022 Conference