Roches approach to software validation: an automated pipeline from validation to publication


Over the past year, we’ve designed a process that is meant to mimic public package publishing as closely as possible, where packages are automatically assessed by a series of checks which may prompt manual revision should the automated processing discover any gaps. This process is automated where possible, and (internally) transparent, with an interface to our internal continuous integration tooling to make feedback as visible and directly actionable as possible. We’d like to share our approach, with special emphasis to the core design philosophies that we’ve set out to adhere to building a process that stays close to open source tools and contributing back where we can (, Beyond what we’ve developed internally, we’d like to sit this work next to recent efforts by the R Validation Hub and offer a vision for a shared, public repository that can support transparent quality assessment. By doing this, we’d like to set the stage for further feedback and broader participation to ensure that the future of R package ecosystems is more immediately actionable and accessible across institutions and regulators.

Presented at 2022 Conference