Everyones Invited: A Case Study on Bridging the Usability Gap


In 2022, our team announced the first release of the tfrmt package, providing clinical programmers with the novel ability to create tables without data. With its metadata-driven engine applied to the emerging industry standard of Analysis Results Data (ARD), tfrmt stands out among an abundance of other R-based table-making utilities. As we entered 2023, we sought to extend the capabilities of tfrmt to a wider user-base, beyond teams working solely in R. In this presentation, I will share our efforts to bridge the gap between tfrmt and its range of potential users. This includes the development of the companion Shiny app, tfrmtbuilder , which simplifies the learning process for newcomers and enables advanced customizations for non-programmers. Additionally, tfrmt ’s new ability to generate and consume language-agnostic metadata is crucial for templating and reuse. Attendees will learn about our approach and discover how to incorporate tfrmt , along with its recent enhancements, into their unique workflows.

Presented at 2023 Conference