Updates on Analyzing Clinical Trials Data with R


At R in Pharma 2018, I gave a workshop and a presentation on analyzing clinical trials data with R. Since then much has happened at Roche/Genentech with regard to analyzing clinical trials data with R our R-based projects got funded in order to extend our R tools and make them production ready. Since then we have created an R developer team that uses the SCRUM framework to work on our R tools. We also have subject-matter expert teams that translate the business knowledge into documentation and R code. Much effort has gone into setting up a CI/CD environment and defining a GitHub workflow that enabled our teams to collaborate efficiently and to keep the code quality high. In this presentation, I will first introduce the team structures, workflows, CI/CD environment and give some updates on the software development side. Finally, I will conclude with a brief update on our discussions around open sourcing and collaboration within the pharma industry and use this opportunity to start a conversation with the audience.

Presented at 2019 Conference